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Coronavirus: when learning never (quite) stops

Coronavirus: when learning never (quite) stops

23 July 2021

Coronavirus: when learning never (quite) stops

In Singapore, student Jolene Cheong has had to adapt to online learning and the cancellation of her clinical placement during the Covid-19 outbreak

It was last Friday before the start of clinical placements when I received the news that Singapore had raised its Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level to Orange.

In preparation for my work-study placement, I had shifted my uniforms to the side of my closet, hoping to save a few minutes in the mornings. Notes had been compiled and categorized in print and digital formats. I had even drawn up a timetable to keep track of submissions and evaluations. I was ready, but DORSCON Orange changed everything.

“It’s cancelled,” I told my father, feeling a mixture of contempt and disbelief. What happens now?

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