Chidera Peters

Founder,C.P. Community

Chidera Peters is the founder of an online community of international students in the UK known as the CP community which is an information and resource hub providing support to students. The CP Community currently has over 2,000 student members from over 7 countries including South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, and India.

Madeleine Borge

Student and Creator

I'm a 20-year-old business management student living in London. I create university, productivity and lifestyle content on YouTube and Instagram for over 650.000 followers. At university, my interests include the political economy of China, consumer behaviour and marketing. I recently conducted a consultancy project for The Female Lead on how companies can use social media platforms to empower women! My passions are business, marketing, and social issues, and I am an advocate for young girls.

Jim Al-Khalili

Academic, Author and Broadcaster,University of Surrey

Jim Al-Khalili is an academic, author and broadcaster. He holds a Distinguished Chair in Theoretical Physics at the University of Surrey where he has taught undergraduates continuously for 29 years and continues to conduct research in quantum physics. He has written 12 books on popular science, between them translated into over twenty-six languages, as well as his first novel. He is a regular presenter of TV science documentaries and the long-running BBC Radio 4 programme, The Life Scientific.

David Siegel


David Siegel is the CEO of Meetup, the largest platform for finding and building local community. He has over 20 years of experience as a technology and digital media executive leading organizations through innovative product development, rapid revenue growth and digital traffic acceleration. David holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. He is an adjunct professor at Columbia University teaching strategic planning and entrepreneurship.

Tiara Sahar Ataii


Tiara founded SolidariTee in 2017, having volunteered as an Arabic / Farsi / French / German interpreter in camps in France, Germany, and Greece. Executive Director until spring 2020, she oversaw the expansion of SolidariTee from her dorm room to the largest student-led charity in the UK. She is also the winner of the Cambridge University Entrepreneurs Award, the Diana Award, Vice Chancellor’s Award for Social Impact, and Undergraduate of the Year. She now works at the UN in humanitarian programming in the MENA region.


Job Title, Organitations

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