University applications to Canada during the pandemic: FAQs

University applications to Canada during the pandemic: FAQs

If you’re thinking of applying to universities in Canada, then here are some of the key things you need to know about applications during Covid-19

The pandemic has changed many things for universities and students but a few things haven’t changed. The University of Toronto and Canadian universities in general have continued to welcome newcomers, even those they cannot welcome in person until Covid-19 is behind us. Indeed, with its
reputation as one of the world’s safest countries, Canada has long been a top destination for students worldwide.

The University of Toronto now offers webcasts around the clock to keep students and their families up to speed on the latest developments during Covid-19, international transition guidance and, of course, admission requirements. If you have any questions about recruitment or application processes then admissions officers at your prospective university will be on hand to help.

Here are the answers to some questions students who are considering applying to study in Canada might have:

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