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What insurance do international students need?

What insurance do international students need?

If you’re planning to study in the US, UK, Australia or Canada, insurance to cover the costs of healthcare, travel, your belongings or vehicles may be required

The prospect of travelling abroad to study is exciting. However, as well as contemplating the new world of opportunities that could potentially open up to you, you’ll need to have a think about the admin too. One of the most important preparations you can make is to get the right insurance.

There’s a big student insurance market out there with various levels of coverage, so you’ll need to look at the variables, length of stay, country-specific rules and what activities you might need coverage for, for example if you are into extreme sports!

The most common insurance types that you will need to factor in are health insurance, travel insurance, vehicle insurance and contents insurance. Below, we take a look at what to expect if you are setting out to study in the UK, the US, Canada or Australia

Video: tips from international students on studying abroad during the pandemic

In this video, five international students share their top tips for university applications, connecting with friends virtually and managing homesickness during the pandemic

If you’re considering studying abroad in the next year or so, you probably have many questions around what it is like on campus at the moment. How do you apply? What are lectures like? How do you make friends?

Well, we bought together a few international students, some of whom are studying from home and some who are staying on campus in the UK, US and Canada, to answer some of these questions. They cover many topics, including making friends, the application process, how to choose the right university for you and how to handle homesickness.

Writing a dissertation during the pandemic

Polish student Weronika Denes shares some tips for other students studying remotely on how she wrote her dissertation during the pandemic

Being in lockdown has been a difficult situation for everyone, however I have found it additionally difficult because I have also had to complete a dissertation project. Like many other students, I found myself in a new place where I needed to handle both the Covid-19 pandemic and university stress.

This is why it is vital to talk about the well-being of students, especially those in their final year who are writing up their dissertation.

Writing a dissertation is a challenging task, whether there is a pandemic or not. It requires a lot of time and precision.

Digital Leaders: top universities for digital entrepreneurship

In a new Digital leaders ranking, tech employers and executives vote for which universities promote digital entrepreneurship among students

Entrepreneurship is becoming one of the most important skills that students can acquire.

In a new suite of rankings put together by French consultancy Emerging and published exclusively by Times Higher Education, students can explore which universities have a good reputation in providing a digital education and encouraging tech skills and entrepreneurship.

The ranking was built using data collected from two surveys conducted in the past year. There were 3,400 participants made up of corporate executives, start-up executives and young digital professionals…

How to budget as an international student

Need help calculating and sticking to a student budget? Keep track of your costs using this guide from a financial education expert

Budgeting is not the most exciting topic, but financial well-being is critical to your overall university experience.

Recent research commissioned by financial education resource Blackbullion found that nearly half of students have considered dropping out of university or deferring by a year because of financial barriers, which has only been exacerbated by Covid-19.

Some 75 per cent of students surveyed were worried about finances and 67 per cent said that financial anxiety affected their mental health. Being away from friends and family, and with the extra costs of studying abroad, international students can often feel this more acutely.

Having a budget doesn’t mean your money is sorted, but it does mean you have a plan to sort your money. A budget to track your income and expenses is how you monitor money coming in and going out; you know where your money is rather than wondering where it went. Here’s how you can optimise your finances as an international student.