THE Student Festival

Eye on Ivy is a registered consultancy firm that offers strategic advice and guidance on the admissions process to a wide variety of programs abroad. We use a proprietary, carefully developed Strategic Personalized Approach to help students and families navigate the complex world of admissions. Our work focuses on the three intertwined areas of (i) college admissions for both undergraduates and graduates, (ii) profile-building with a focus on 9th to 11th Graders and (iii) access to international competitions to build your profile for college admissions. As the Country Partner for many international organizations such as The Future Problem Solving Program International, Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad, Bulgarian Creative Writing Competition, Peace First and the Caribou Cup, Eye on Ivy takes pride in providing access to opportunities not just to its own students but any interested Pakistani student. Eye on Ivy has been recognized as the ‘Start-Up College Counseling Firm’ by the International School Awards in 2019.

Eye on Ivy believes in forming partnerships with a plethora of public, private and non-profit institutes all with an ‘eye’ on benefiting our students! These partnerships open a vast array of opportunities for students, most of which were not there to begin with. For instance, Pakistan currently does not offer many high-schoolers the opportunity to intern and get real on-ground experience. Eye on Ivy will negotiate with organizations to do so, especially in places where it feels students will benefit. Our Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) serves as a means of strengthening the organizational relationship and building a more robust strategic alliance. The MoU recognizes the similarities between the two organizations in terms of aims and values and sets out mechanisms by which this alliance can be mutually beneficial.