THE Student Festival

Virtual Exhibition Opportunities

Imagine a virtual experience that attracts more than 5,000 engaged students from over 180 countries, where they discover everything they need to inform their study-abroad decisions, explore the very best institutions... and have a platform to engage with each other and be inspired by leading speakers. All from the comfort of their own home and at no cost. That is a THE Student Festival.

Why us?

Our Student Festivals are a unique solution to international student recruitment, that deliver an unrivalled level of student quantity, quality and engagement.

Last year we launched our very first virtual Student Festivals, which attracted over 27,000 students through the powerful global reach of Times Higher Education – the go-to resource for over 14 million students and parents looking for trusted information about going to university – and 43% of those are currently at high school level.

This year, we want to offer you the chance to engage with our audience in the most memorable way, and to form a relationship that could last a lifetime.

How will you benefit?

Our Student Festivals are a unique solution to international student recruitment, that deliver an unrivalled level of student quantity, quality and engagement. By taking part you can showcase your universities' unique offerings to a truly global student audience of 5000+.

You are able to meet with students on the day to have real conversations without the need to travel. You can host documents, brochures and other important information on your virtual stand to ensure students know everything there is to know about what you have to offer.

With our package add-ons you can also lead informative roundtables and sessions to support you in reaching your target audience.

How can you get involved?

It could not be easier to secure your institution's involvement at one of our 2022 THE Student Festivals.

Access the online booking form using the links below. Simply select our standard exhibitor package and any of our content, branding and data add-ons. Once you have completed the booking form we will be in touch to confirm your participation and next steps.

Get in touch today!

If you would like an event pack containing further information, or a call to discuss the full range of opportunities, please feel free to email us on

FAQ - Festival Exhibitors  

How many students can we expect? 

Based on previous festivals, we are looking to have more than 5,000 registrations and 3,000+ active students on the platform throughout the day.  

How will you reach the students? 
The campaign will utilise various channels to attract students including: 

  • Times Higher Education Database: 15 million students from 136 countries visit and engage with Times Higher Education. Moreover, THE Student registrations have increased by 54% since we launched in January 2021 and this growth is set to continue throughout 2022 giving us a very strong and secure leverage to attract the students. 
  • Programmatic advertising: Times Higher Education will use programmatic advertising to increase the number of student registrations from countries where there may be gaps on THE’s own data. 
  • Partnerships: We are proud to have key high level partnerships that will support the student acquisition campaigns.  

Where are the students in attendance based? 

This is a global event and we will have students in attendance from across the world. We have a larger volume of students from India, South-east Asia and West Africa. However, if you have a target audience that you would like to attract, let us know as early as possible and we will take this on board. 

Do we need to staff our booth for the entire event? 

No, you do not need to be at your booth for the full duration of the event. However, our audience is global so we recommend that you are available for live chats with students at the busier times for your target regions to get the most out of the event. If possible, share the time with other staff members to ensure that students have a representative to chat with throughout the event. 

What can I do to best prepare for the event? 

There are many things you can do ahead of the event to help make the most of the day:  

  • You can log on to the platform before the event date and use what you have learned in the training to familiarise yourself with the features of the platform.  
  • You can reach out to students who meet your criteria and have activated their profiles ahead of the event to begin a conversation with them. 
  • You can interact with students via the newsfeed function; share some information on your offerings and invite them for a chat at your booth. 
  • You can share your participation in the event on your social media channels to invite prospective students to connect with you at the event. 

What is a roundtable?  

A roundtable discussion is an organised conversation with one moderator, several chosen speakers that bring a variety of perspectives to a subject, as well as an audience who participates by asking questions. You can host your own roundtable at the festival by selecting the roundtable content add-on when you book your place. 

Will we receive training for the platform? 

Yes, the THE Student team will provide training before the event to ensure that you are confident in using it on the day. 

How will I get my leads? 

Your leads will be available to you in two ways. First, you can see the contacts that you have connected with in your exhibitor area on the platform throughout the event. Second, you will receive the data included in your package within three business days after the event has finished. The data will come to you via email in the form of a spreadsheet. 

If you have any further questions, feel free to get in contact: